Brize Norton by Bus ~~ Updated: 30th Jan

                                                                                                         Updated 30th January 2021

COVID-19: During this time bus operators throughout England are running emergency/reduced timetables, please make sure your journey is essential and if so check ahead. #STAYHOMESAVELIFES

Stagecoach Gold service S1, S2 or S7 from Oxford, Eynsham or Witney.
(S7 starts at Headington direct to Eynsham and by-passes Oxford Just 5 WEEKDAY Services ONLY)
Timetable can be found here here!

Alight at Brize Norton village and continue walking straight down Station Road. It's around a 15-20 minute walk to the end of the Runway 25, here you will find Spotting Locations P, O & N on Thunder and Lightnings Airfield Viewing Guide which can be found here and here 
From these locations you'll have a full view of the Terminal area, runway and the 216 Sqn's Ramp.
A new Blue Hangar for the A400s has been built between Stand #25 & 59
see below for a alternative viewing location.

Alight at Brize Norton village and turn Right at the mini-roundabout onto Carterton Road, Continue walking for around 10 minutes you'll come across Location A on Thunder and Lightnings Airfield Viewing Guide which can be found here! From this location you'll be able to see Air Tankers Hangar, Wash Bay, Terminal Ramp and the Maintenance Hangars, 

Stagecoach also operate service 19 from Carterton or Witney to Black Bourton
Timetable can be found here! From Black Bourton spotting Locations HI, J & K can be found on Thunder and Lightnings Airfield Viewing Guide which can be found here
from these spots the based Hercules can be seen and well as the main ramp and the based Dakota 

There are a few more bus Services that serve Carterton timetables can be found by visiting the traveline SE website and clicking "Find a timetable" and entering "Carterton" in the Location Box

Text your bus stop code (below) to  84637  for the next bus Departure

Brize Norton Church   69326954
Carterton Crossroads  69326749
Eynsham               69327535
Oxford City Centre    69327485
Witney Market Square  69327463