30 May 2016

Monday 30th May 2016

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Departed   09:42   ZH883    C130   RRR5728   Royal Air Force
Departed   09:45   ZZ331    A330   RRR2140   Royal Air Force
Departed   13:45   ZG995    BN2T   AAC525    Army Air Corps
Departed   14:25   ZM407    A400   RRR4540   Royal Air Force
Departed   14:53   ZZ176    C17A   RRR6600   Royal Air Force
Departed   22:54   ZH871    C130   RRR5750   Royal Air Force
Departed   23:32   G-VYGJ   A330   TOW2230   AirTanker Ltd     Delayed due to WX

Arrived    00:3?   ZZ172    C17A   RRR6683   Royal Air Force
Arrived    00:5?   ZZ175    C17A   RRR6629   Royal Air Force
Arrived    02:06   ZZ331    A330   RRR2169   Royal Air Force
Arrived    16:55   ZM403    A400   RRR4539   Royal Air Force
Arrived    19:42   M-URAL   LJ60   MURAL     UKT Air Ltd
Arrived    20:52   ZZ331    A330   RRR2141   Royal Air Force
Arrived    21:26   ZZ330    A330   RRR2145   Royal Air Force
Arrived    22:25   ZZ177    C17A   RRR6607   Royal Air Force
Arrived    23:55   ZM407    A400   RRR4541   Royal Air Force

RA-30078 An30 RFF
ZZ409    LYNX AAC in RUBB Hangar 
ZZ524    LYNX AAC in RUBB Hangar

RAF Fairford                                                                           

Arrived   06:08   96-0001   C17A   RCH185   United States Air Force   62ndAW
Arrived   17:14   N464MC    B747   GTI8498  Atlas Air                 from Minot AFB (MIB/KMIB)
Departed  20:17   N464MC    B747   GTI8498  Atlas Air                 to Nurnberg (NUE/EDDN

96-0001 C17A Short Finals into FFD - © Barry Moore

N464MC B747 Vacating the Runway - © Wayne Hinton-Lewis 

N464MC over head Witney inbound to Fairford - © Keith Sutherland

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