16 December 2016

Friday 16th December 2016

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Departed   08:15   ZM403   A400   ASCOT401   Royal Air Force
Departed   08:55   ZZ173   C17A   RRR6484    Royal Air Force
Departed   09:14   ZZ330   A330   RRR2770    Royal Air Force 
Departed   10:03   ZH873   C130   RRR5542    Royal Air Force
Departed   10:35   ZZ172   C17A   RRR6628    Royal Air Force
Departed   13:15   ZZ343   A330   RRR2702    Royal Air Force
Departed   13:22   ZZ175   C17A   RRR6360    Royal Air Force
Departed   14:30   ZM403   A400   ASCOT410   Royal Air Force
Departed   16:06   ZZ337   A330   RRR2730    Royal Air Force


Arrived    10:06   ZM403   A400   ASCOT401   Royal Air Force
DUE        16:20   ZZ338   A330   RRR9101    Royal Air Force   Delayed until 17th
Arrived    17:25   ZM401   A400   RRR4003    Royal Air Force
Arrived    17:56   ZZ330   A330   RRR2771    Royal Air Force
Diverted   **:**   ZM406   A400   RRR4085    Royal Air Force   To CWL
Diverted   **:**   ZZ177   C17A   RRR6351    Royal Air Force   To PIK 

Diversions due to FOG