17 December 2016

Saturday 17th December 2016

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Departed   08:45   ZZ330    A330   RRR2300    Royal Air Force
Departed   17:02   ZZ336    A330   RRR930     Royal Air Force 


Arrived    09:46   G-VYGJ   A330   TOW2233    AirTanker Ltd
Arrived    12:4?   50+41    C160   GAF053     German Air Force   LTG63
Arrived    13:13   ZM403    A400   ASCOT410   Royal Air Force    
Arrived    13:38   ZZ338    A330   RRR9101    Royal Air Force    Delayed from 16th
Arrived    15:00   ZZ172    C17A   RRR6629    Royal Air Force    Div to BHX
Arrived    16:46   ZZ337    A330   RRR2731    Royal Air Force    1hr Hold
Arrived    16:50   ZM406    A400   ASCOT408   Royal Air Force    1hr 40m Hold
Arrived    16:59   ZZ177    C17A   RRR6351    Royal Air Force    25m Hold
Arrived    18:15   ZH873    C130   RRR5543    Royal Air Force    45m Hold Div to BHX
Arrived    21:01   ZZ343    A330   RRR2703    Royal Air Force

Holds and Diversions due to FOG

50+41 C160 GAF